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>> Tricolor. free satellite tv on pc

free satellite tv on pc

"Tricolor" is 44 channels of TV and 8 radio stations in digital quality! free satellite tv on pc

Among them free-of-charge Ostankino telechannels in a digital format! With the advent of a package "Tricolor" were disappeared with necessity for installation of the expensive radio aerial for qualitative reception of the basic telechannels! Now free-of-charge viewing 15 s Ostankino channels and 12 s additional telechannels is possible in any place of Russia from Kaliningrad up to Tyumen. Besides "Tricolor" is an opportunity in addition to connect 15 Russian-speaking paid channels!

The announcement "Tricolor" is focused, including on the inhabitants having a country house, far from large settlements where there is no opportunity to accept even the basic radio channels, or quality of reception of a signal leaves much to be desired.

>> Satellite television: free satellite tv on pc

free satellite tv on pc





Satellite television: free satellite tv on pc




« Tricolor » - the largest Russian operator of the Satellite television - Satellite tv, rendering services of digital telecasting in the European territory of Russia, and also territory Ural, Siberian and parts Far East districts. The announcement on the European part of the Russian Federation is conducted since 2005 from the artificial satellite of the ground Eutelsat W4 (36 e). In December, 2007 within the limits of the project « Tricolor Siberia » has begun an announcement on territory of Urals Mountains and Siberia with satellite " Bonum-1 " (56 e)

Unconditional competitive advantage of the project " Tricolor" is the biggest, in comparison with offers of other operators of Satellite television - Satellite tv, a package of channels without a user's payment. It makes the project attractive to inhabitants of small cities, villages and the remote areas with the complicated reception of radio TV. For today the project « Tricolor» broadcasts 34 television channels. Besides a free-of-charge package of federal channels, additional thematic packages are offered subscribers:

  • "Optimum" (a package telechannels for all family)
  • "Cinema hall" (a package of films and teleserials)
  • "Kaleidoscope" (a package of entertaining-cognitive channels)
  • "Night" (a package of erotic channels)

The announcement under marks « Tricolor » and « Tricolor Siberia » carries out Joint-Stock Company « National satellite company ».































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